Scrabble Game Record Holders

Scrabble is a unique and popular board game that attracts many people. It needs players to know a lot of different words to compose them on the board. However, they don’t merely need to create words using tiles with letters. There are a lot of rules that make the game very engaging.

Are you an addicted Scrabble player who wants to learn more about the game? Learn more about the most famous Scrabble game record holders in the post

All tiles have score numbers that are calculated for each player. When tiles are placed in particular places on the grid, the points can increase two or three times. Players can also get additional points in different ways. Meanwhile, they also can lose their points. The final score defines winners and losers.

The game attracts many people, and solid rules define the competition processes. For example, there is the Scrabble dictionary that defines words that can be used. Consequently, a lot of Scrabble championships are held all around the world. Below, you will find a list of the top Scrabble game record holders.

Hasham Hadi Khan – 876

It is the world’s Scrabble score record set in 2014 by a young boy from Pakistan. When the kid won the championship, scoring the game by 876 points, he blew the minds of a large number of people all around the world. Most people think that a world record holder should be an older adult who has a lot of years of Scrabble game playing experience. However, it appears that a 9-year boy has set a score that remains current in 2022. These days, he is a teenager who doesn’t search for reviews of essay writing services on reddit to get top grades with ease. The young and gifted expert in composing words can easily tackle complicated assignments. He spends all his spare time participating in different Scrabble championships.

The young boy had won most of the Pakistan National Scrabble Championship games and won it, setting the world’s record. His win became a news bomb that exploded in Pakistan and worldwide. The record set by the young boy boosted the popularity of the game in the country. A lot of people become obsessed with the game. They started gathering in public places to play with different opponents.

Toh Weibin- 850

The high-score holder is an adolescent from Singapore. He set the world record in 2012. At that time, it was the highest Scrabble record ever achieved in tournaments. In 2012, Toh was a 21-year old teenager who obtained higher education in London. He liked the game and played as many times as possible. Also, he participated in championships to enjoy the game with other people. Even though Scrabble games took a large part of his life, he wasn’t the type of person who would find a reliable essay writing service on scamfighter to have more spare time practicing. Since Ton had a great vocabulary, he managed to get his academic papers completed fast to play the favorite game without compromising on academic achievements.

It is worth noting that Tom didn’t strive to set records or win against his opponents. He attended championships to find new skilled players and enjoy the game. When his game ended with the 850:259 score, the boy didn’t know he had set a world record in his favorite board game. Ton didn’t even know the current best Scrabble score in 2012. He discovered new achievements only when other people started greeting him.

Michael Cresta – 830

This record also wasn’t set by mathematics or a linguistic expert. Michael was a carpenter who enjoyed the Scrabble game. On October 12, 2006, at Lexington, MA, he managed to get an extremely high score that is the third world’s record. Moreover, he managed to get the world’s highest total game score of 1320 points because his opponent lost, scoring 490 points.

It wasn’t a stroke of luck that helped Michael set several records in one game. He was always eager to learn new words. He was an active player who never missed the opportunity to participate in Scrabble games. In essence, he managed to set several records and became famous.

Joel Sherman – 803

Joel is an addicted Scrabble game player who set a world record on December 9, 2011, scoring 803 points. It was a significant result that the man strived to achieve for many years. He started his professional Scrabble players career in 1988 and never missed an opportunity to compete with others. According to official statistics, he has played an insane number of tournament games. Joel managed to play 4750 monitored games with a 64% success score. Also, he earned $135,865 in the form of prize money. These days, Joel is a certified tournament director responsible for most Scrabble tournaments in Bronx and neighborhood areas. Nevertheless, he remains in the top-50 Scrabble players list, with an average score of 419 points per game.

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