Things to Do within 10 Minutes after a Car Accident: Tips and Tricks

Things to Do within 10 Minutes after a Car Accident: Tips and Tricks

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At first, it is hard to believe that you were involved in a car accident. Most people don’t want to accept it. But it happened. Your initial action will determine whether the world will change for the better. It is crucial to take into account what kind of accident happened: light and heavy, how many cars were involved in an accident, whether you, passengers, and other participants in the accident were harmed. Very often inexperienced drivers and students are involved in accidents. They will benefit from reading this article, they can pay for essay online. There students can find online help with academic writing.

A car accident is not a minor thing. Actually it is a dangerous thing. It happens to many drivers that they become confused in these situations and, even though they know what to do, they forget the basics. We have prepared for you some major points that a driver should do right after the event. Yes, of course, it’s better to avoid accidents. However, this information will be useful to anyone.

Don’t move from the place of accident if possible

The important piece of advice that we want to give to everyone who was involved in an accident is not to move anything at the scene of the accident. Be there as long as possible, unless, of course, you need to be hospitalized. Actually, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident.

Activate the alarms

Turn on the emergency light to warn other drivers about the danger. Emergency lights will attract the attention of other drivers and prevent them from danger. This is a great prevention from another accident that could happen. Besides, put an emergency sign on the road so that drivers can slow down in advance and avoid you and other participants in the accident. 

Leave the road if you can

Try not to stand on the roadway if possible when you get out of the car. It can be very dangerous. Other drivers may not notice people who got out of the car and may knock them down. Some drivers may miss an accident and an emergency stop sign, so they won’t be able to slow down. It may lead to another accident. Stay on the sidelines to avoid accisents. 

Contact the traffic police

You have to call the police in case the participants of the accident have disagreements, more than two cars were involved in the accident, the amount of damage exceeds the established limit, or if one of the drivers/passengers was injured. 

According to the law, participants of an accident must remove their cars from the roadway as soon as possible. They have to previously record their position in a photo or video. 

It rarely happens that participants have no disagreements with another t in the accident about the circumstances of what happened. Both sides agreed on the one to be blamed. In addition, if you are sure that there is no hidden damage in the car, then you can, arrange an accident without the traffic police and simply follow the procedure of drawing up a Euro protocol. In other cases, it is not recommend to register an accident without traffic cops. 

Let the traffic police regulate the traffic

Traffic jams are often formed as a result of an accident, usually till the affected cars are removed from the way. It happens sometimes that participants try to regulate traffic on their own, attempting to help other drivers. That is a mistake, this way you can only aggravate the situation.

Insurance data and other important information

While you are waiting for the police, don’t waste the time. You can exchange information for the insurance company with other participants. You can do it by filling out each of your accident notification form.

You are required to write the full name of the other participants in the accident (simзly take a photo of the identity card, if, you are allowed to do this), phone numbers, policy numbers.

Keep your mouth shut

It is very stressful to be in such an incident, but try not to panic. During stress, our brain is not able to draw the right conclusions. That is why drivers’ initial impression of the circumstances of an accident may be erroneous.

But when the stress passes, each of us begins to think more clearly about the circumstances of the accident. Do not make mistakes at the scene of the accident, this may come out sideways to you during the further analysis of the accident in the traffic police or when making payments to an insurance company.

Remember that if you admit your mistake at the scene of an accident, you may be recognized as the culprit of the accident. In this case, you will not receive an insurance refund. It also happens that all the participants contributed to its occurance. As a rule, in this case, the measure of the guilt of each driver will be set by the traffic police.

Take pictures of cars that have been in an accident

“Photos and videos are worth a thousand words” – take pictures of cars and the entire accident site on your phone or camera. It is also advisable to remove all road signs, markings and traffic lights, curb, stop line, etc.

Unfortunately, when people start telling how the accident happened, as well as filling out the accident notification form, many have problems with the image of the scheme. Often, road accident participants incorrectly draw the location of cars after an accident.

Draw a diagram of the accident, even if you are not registering an accident according to the Euro protocol. This will help you to look at the accident from the side in a schematic form. It will also help in finding out who is to blame for the accident. Include all street names in the diagram, draw intersections, markings, road signs, traffic lights, and places where each car stands after a collision. If you are illegally found guilty of an accident, this scheme of yours can help you in court or in communicating with an insurance company. 

Think about getting medical help

Even if you are sure that you were not injured, you should allow yourself to be examined by medical workers who arrived at the scene of the accident. If the doctors offer you to go to the hospital, then you need to follow the advice.

Yes, emergency doctors may, of course, be mistaken, exaggerating the severity of your condition. And that’s fine. In this way, they are just hedging. After all, even if they are not sure about something, they are still obliged to offer you a ride to the hospital. 

Sometimes injuries do not immediately manifest due to the effects of shock/adrenaline. So if you feel pain, especially in your head, neck, or stomach, then you should go to the hospital. But even if nothing hurts, some things in your car may indicate the nature of possible injuries.

For example, if you saw that the windshield cracked on the driver’s side, then you may hit your head at the time of the accident. And even if you don’t have a headache, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t get a head injury. Usually, such injuries reveal themselves a few hours or even days after the accident. 

Call your insurance company

Perhaps you do not understand or do not remember what needs to be done immediately after the accident, in addition to the above actions. We remind you that you must also call your insurance company, reporting an accident.

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